sábado, 5 de marzo de 2011

Lovely Work

Valentine’s Day, Gnomeo & Juliet, Will & Kate, love has been in the air this week, so we thought we’d share a love story of our own. Our greatest 300million love story? That started in 2005.

In the Summer of 2005, a friend of a 300million friend calls when we’re in a taxi coming back from a meeting. The Guild of Food Writers – an organization growing in stature off the back of the UK’s new found love of food and cuisine – needed a new logo. Sure, no problem. Come over to our place. We’d love to talk.

We love working as a team and almost every project starts on our walls. We have to scrape and repaint them every six months or so. Everyone loves to see, share and debate ideas.

And so it was, we were looking at a sketch of a pen nib… with a fork shape reversed-out of it. We loved it – but thought we could love it more. Something about those prongs that made it overly detailed. A three prong fork? A larger fork? We love the way we don’t stop until we get that tingle when you know something is special. We love the way we don’t always tweak an idea – but that we go right back to near the start with them sometimes. So, when someone suggested a spoon, instead of a fork, we all thought it suddenly looked simple, purer and lovely.

We love feedback. The logo quickly found its way around design blogs and forums. We loved all the kind words that started to come our way. It became the most creatively awarded logo design of the year. Judges loved it. And, the love has never really stopped since.

In January 2011, the logo was recognized as one of the most loved logos of all time, nestled in between Coca-Cola and Volkswagen. It’s lovely how something so humble in comparison can rub shoulders with giants.

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