sábado, 26 de febrero de 2011

Kondolar™ typeface

ekaluck peanpanawate

  • Text from MyFonts Rising Stars* / The MyFonts newsletter for popular new fonts

    From Bangkok, Thailand, comes 
    Kondolar, a striking take on the increasingly popular genre of slab serif text-and-display fonts. Designer Ekaluck Peanpanawate based his design on a simple skeleton: straight sides, gently curved horizontals. That squarish silhouette combines very well with the short, sturdy serifs, some of which are asymmetrical. And while the alternate extended legs on the K and the R seem a bit out of character on such a straight-faced metallic font, they combine remarkably well. With a well-built character set including small caps and several numeral styles, and a supple italic for the Regular weight, Kondolar is surprisingly versatile for such a small family. Besides its use as a text and display typeface in print, we predict a prosperous career as a web font.
  • Copyright (c) 2010 by Ekaluck Peanpanawate. All rights reserved.

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