lunes, 21 de febrero de 2011

The Simple (Bilingual) Font

    Winnie Tan

    The vague motivation about simple is that it would be somewhat pixel-based. The idea was conceived in the beginning of 2010. The drawings came in around april during my convalesce. Richard Dawkins's Selfish Gene played a big role in moulding my thoughts of the typeface as a game of successful replicators that propagate itself into various forms of surviving vehicles.

    The process of simple began with the usual alphabets followed by a series of icons and soon it was an avalanche of chinese characters. The pool of proposed chinese characters were loosely determined by the needs of a lunar calendar.

    In a nutshell, simple is a single-weight, minimal, grid-based san-serif display. Prudent with details and sturdy in form, the geometrically-driven structure marks the foundation of a cross-cultural assortment of latin alphabets, chinese characters and thematic icons. After months of extensive typesetting, simple is also realized to be well-catered for use in graphical information design in games and tournaments, logotypes, advertisements and headlines.

    The Simple Font is available for purchase at
  • The Simple Bilingual Calendar / 22USD

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