lunes, 16 de mayo de 2011

Flink12 Global Icon Art Competition

- See your art published and promoted on a global social network.
- Gain the opportunity to compete for one or more paid contracts.
- Use your creative genius in work as a Flink12 artist.
- The purpose of this competition is to find artists who can truly capture emotions in unique icon art.
Awards: $3000 contracts to one or many artists
Calling all artists and graphic designers to enter the Flink12 icon art competition. Become a Flink12 artist with your art featured and promoted globally through the Flink12 network. We are looking for original, extreme fun and highly expressive icons for the Flink12 social network. These are the status update icons used by hoards of Flinkers every day and are used on the web and on mobile on Apple devices and Android. We find many great artists cannot capture the emotion and expressions we are looking for in our icons, therefore it is hard to judge from existing work. Please note that Flink12 is a free product to all users and icons have no fees attached. 
The competition is open to artists anywhere in the world. Only original artwork, conceived and created by the entrant, will be considered. The artist retains the copyright to submitted icons.
1. Create a Flink12 account with a minimum of 6 people in your Flink.
2. You must submit at least 4 icons, one in each category of mood, health, activity and event. Title the icon set and attach a word or two for the meaning of each icon. Art must be submitted in 72x72, 100x100 and 144x144 pixels or dpi digital files saved as .png. Email to
3. All submitted icons will be reviewed by Flink12 and if your art is chosen by Flink12 to enter the competition, then your 4 icons will be added to the competition submission category of Flink12. There will be no payment for competition submitted icons.
4. The names of all artists (whose art is accepted in the competition and published in the competition area of the Flink12 website) will be listed in the competition area of Flink12 while their art is published.
5. If you are selected for publication of a feature set, Flink12 will commission you on a work for hire contract for a minimum US $3,000 contract to expand on the icon theme you submitted. Flink12 may select more than one artist to create feature icon sets. Most Flink12 icons themes-Teens, Divas, Sports- contain 80 or more icons so you must be prepared to create many icons based on your submission theme. You may also be selected to create additional icons themes as well. 
6. Artists may also be selected to create custom artwork for other aspects of Flink12.
7. The program starts May 1, 2011, and can be ended by Flink12 at any time.
8. Review of artwork is ongoing and artists may be selected for feature icon sets at any time.
9. There is no limit to the number of icons samples you may enter. Email your entry along with the icons and title for the icon set. Include your name, city and country.
Art must be submitted in 72x72, 100x100 and 144x144 dpi digital files. The file must be saved as a .png. File names should include only letters, numbers and spaces.
At this time there is no deadline for entries. Flink12 reserves the right to close the competition at any time.
Entries will be reviewed and the Flink12 staff will choose finalists. All properly prepared entries will be reviewed. The decision of Flink12 is final. Flink12 reserves the right to re-categorize entries.
All artists selected by Flink12 will be notified via email. Artists who are not selected will not be individually notified of the results.
Flink12 reserves the right to publish your name, company name, city and country along with the icon set you enter. 
The copyright on the submitted art shall be held by the artist, provided  that Flink 12, LLC shall have the non-exclusive, world-wide, royalty free right to post the art during the duration of the competition. All submitted art shall be removed from after the end of the competition, but shall be removed no later than Dec 31, 2011.
Individuals selected to provide art to Flink 12, LLC shall be required to  sign a work for hire contract, and the number of icons required to be submitted to Flink 12, LLC in respect to this agreement, shall be determined by mutual agreement between the artist and Flink 12, LLC at the time the work-for-hire contract is executed with the artist.

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