domingo, 8 de enero de 2012

SN: CircleMe who?

CircleMe is a platform that helps you keep track of and engage with all your true likes in one place. On CircleMe, you own your likes.

The service lets you import your favorites from other services, add or remove items from your library, and feature in a visually compelling way the things you love for the benefit of others.

Rather than catching dust, the likes you “shelve” on CircleMe help you connect with like-minded people, track related news and trade curated recommendations and future plans with your social circles.
It’s all about the cool and interesting things you like and the people who share your tastes. 

By the moment Circleme is not available to everyone on the web, you have to leave your email address in the home page and they will sent you an invite for logging in. 

Go check out this social network!

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