viernes, 29 de julio de 2011

Hortschlaki Design New Logo and Identity

Here i am, once again introducing you something new on the blog. This time before Hortschlaki becomes 1 year old i decided to recreate the identity from the blog. As you can see this is very simple but cooler than the first Hortschlaki Design logo.  this time i used the complete name in the logo.

Using a rounded font and contrasting colors i finally got into this.
Digital Illustration is becoming one of my favorite tags when im surfing into the web. This time i want to take posts with real digital illustrations from people who really cares about what they do.  Here is a view from the final pieces for the diferent social networks. 

As you know hortschlaki design is well knowed by "HO design" or just "HO" that's why i decided not no take out the simple HO logo frome the past. It goes like the new logo but i just says "HO" and not the complete name. there's no the "!" at the end, it shows the begining of a new era on my blog.  im gonna use it just for small projects. 

There's also a wallpaper for you guys the ones who visit the blog everyday. Take this wallpaper as a thank you from me for supporting me by visiting the blog constantly. 

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