domingo, 24 de julio de 2011

Mocca's Panadería Artesanal Branding

Project By:  Rodrigo Hortschlaki 

This is a brand i created for a bakery here in Guatemala city. The speciality from this bakery is bread like you ever seen before, craft bread.  With a whole peculiar taste we're introducing this brand in Guatemala's market. In the logo i decided to put some tipical issues that people ussualy use when they're baking at home. 

In the menu we posted at the bakery Facebook's Page i wanted the people to understand this was craft bread and not a ordinary bread that you found in every store. I used 3 diferent fonts for each single thing for example i used "Headline1" for the name of the bread and other font for the descrption and price. 

As you know Facebook becomes one of the principal ways of advertising media in the world, this is one profile picture for the page. 
Ill' be posting more about this branding project as soon as i have more pieces. 
Ill' aprecciate your feedback about what you think about this project, Thank You. 

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