domingo, 31 de octubre de 2010


Contributed by Daniel Peterson of Fabio Ongarato Design.
KPDO business card design
K.P.D.O. is an identity designed for Kerry Phelan Design Office, a newly-formed, interior design studio in Melbourne. Kerry Phelan is one of the most respected and awarded interior designers in Australia. She co-founded Hecker Phelan in 1999, before forming Hecker Phelan and Guthrie in 2002. Kerry left HPG in December 2009 to pursue individual creative pursuits.
KPDO envelope design
KPDO envelope design
Moving from a brand to become a personable identity, we took an old-school atelier/studio approach to reflect the purist, humble and approachable qualities of the studio. The idea is based in subtleties that count, allowing the work to speak for itself and not hide behind corporate branding.
KPDO stationery
KPDO monogram
Founded in 1992 by partners Fabio Ongarato and Ronnen Goren, based in Richmond, Australia, Fabio Ongarato Design (FOD) operates across a variety of graphic disciplines, from print to exhibitions to advertising. You can view more identity projects here on the Fabio Ongarato website.

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