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Contributed by Ross Imms, creative director at Cornwall-based A-Side Studio.
MARK furniture design
MARK is a dynamic new furniture and lifestyle brand from Cornwall. Championing the skilled craftsmanship of local manufacturers as well as the very best design from acclaimed international designers, MARK products reflect the values of contemporary Cornwall. Working with both the traditional craft skills and hi tech innovations coming out of this most creative of counties, MARK’s mission is to raise the profile of the quality of design, skills and manufacturing in Cornwall by taking them to a national and international market.
MARK’s products are built to last — environmentally, socially, ethically and economically. The MARK range of furniture and lighting is designed for home, work and leisure. Each item combines quality in design, manufacture and innovation to meet their exacting standards of practicality and sustainability.A-Side were commissioned to develop a brand package that reflects MARK’s ethos.
MARK logo development
A modular typographic mark sits at the core of the brand, it reproduces equally well as a small embossed detail on products and a large format trade show banner.
MARK logo
This identity has been applied to stationery and annual illustrated catalogs that showcase the range.
MARK stationery design
MARK catalogue
MARK catalogue
Each year the brand accent colour changes to place emphasis on the evolution of the company. We keep the colour flexible so that we can move the brand along with current trends. The core identity is black and white — the colours of the Cornish flag.
MARK book design
MARK catalogue
MARK website
In 2009 MARK collaborated with Liberty to commission A-Side to create a one-off graphic for their Kay+Stemmer’s designed ‘Shaper’ table as part of their “Britain can (still) make it” showcase.
MARK shaper table
MARK shaper table
Acrylic spray paint on resin.
MARK shaper table
More work from Ross Imms and the team over on the A-Side website. Follow A-Side on Twitter.

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