sábado, 23 de octubre de 2010

Sell what Google can’t optimise

Written by Australia-based brand and marketing strategist Bernadette Jiwa.
Google SEO
A Google search for logo design turns up 150 million results and we already know that these are skewed towards big average Joe. Those longstanding firms that sell cheap and quick design or DIY services to ‘the average person’ in a hurry.

You already know there is not much hope of people finding you amongst the 150 million needles in that backlinked haystack.

But here’s the thing, the kind of businesses you want to create identities for don’t judge you by the amount of backlink muscle you flex. They don’t find you this way either.

Google can’t optimise your best offering. It can’t optimise what makes you and your designs unique. And most of all Google can’t really optimise what the non-average, exceptional, client you would kill for wants to buy.

Google can’t optimise your purpose, your heart or your soul, your art or judgement, your professionalism and enthusiasm.

Google is terrible at defining your talent and your edge, your clarity of vision or communication skills.

Google SEO will rarely demonstrate your work ethic and dedication, your inspiration or your ability to solve problems and overcome obstacles.

Google can’t tell clients who will be the best in their world. Only you can do that.

Might be an idea to stop competing for average and just concentrate on being great.

Taken Frome Logo Desing Love.com

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