miércoles, 15 de diciembre de 2010

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 a limited edition poster series, curated over the course of a year by Nitzan Hermon, and is the launch project for his creative moniker of Edit. The concept was inspired by Exergianʼs work for Blanka. The brief was to convey a music genre into one graphic element and one typeface (only stating the name of the genre).
Bas Koopmans / Collective Approach / Duane King / Hey Studio / Manual Creative / Mark Boyce / Leterme Dowling / Nitzan — Edit / Sane & Able / Studio Makgill / Toko / Trevor Jackson / This Studio
The designs were then printed using silk–printing on an A1 French–Paper Pop-Tone stock, strictly limited to an edition of 50 and sold directly at the Edit shop and at selected stores.
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Edits by Edit Poster Series

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