martes, 21 de diciembre de 2010

WikiLeaks identity design

Wikileaks identity
“There was a world before WikiLeaks and there is one after WikiLeaks. The ‘identity’ should be a projection of that world. There are now other organizations already based on the WikiLeaks model. Some have been started by ex-WikiLeaks associates like Daniel Domscheit-Berg, who initiated
“Clearly there is work to do in terms of what sort of organization a whistleblower web site is. Is it a technical switchboard inbetween whistleblower and news media? Is it a go-between NGO that does not promote any political and ideological ends but merely takes care that leaks are exposed? We clearly were attracted to WikiLeaks because of its apparent rationality, its interest in ‘scientific journalism’ that liberates reporters from the straitjacket of press briefings and corporate PR, giving them direct access to files. WikiLeaks as a telephone for change.”— METAHAVEN
Wikileaks identity
Metahaven (Daniel van der Velden & Vinca Kruk) is a studio for critical graphic design with a focus on identity and branding, based in Amsterdam.

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