viernes, 15 de abril de 2011

The Pop Festival

The World and especially America are going through  through great changes in cultural consumption and technological change on everyday citizens. 
That is why The Pop Festival reinvents the concept of festivals in the region to provide a space of some of his dates to the visual arts, street-art, facilities, playgrounds, cultural centers and sustainability nomadic .

The Pop Festival isn't just paintings and scultures, there´s music included in the festival, being this the principal atraction from the festival. With Shakira as headliner promoting his sale el sol world tour, the Pop Festival was a amousement event for does who loves art including Lights, Paintings, Music and Technology. 

The Pop Festival includes Shakira and "The Sun Comes Out World Tour". Shakira's show's are charaterized by his amazing lighting performance. As you will see in the next pictures youre going to be able to see the main stage of the festival wich has the lights in the top part frome the stage forming a sun that is comming out.  

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